About us

Talli Architects work with building and interior design and building heritage. We wish to combine a sense of history with a look into the future and to design beautiful and sustainable architecture with our eye always on the user.

The story of our firm begins in 1995 with the restauration project of Lasipalatsi, one of the most elegant examples of Functionalist architecture in Finland. The enthusiam and strong will of the young architects was needed to turn the initially temporary and worn-down building into new use as a cinema and media centre. This ambitious restauration was carried out by ALLI Architects–later to evolve into Talli Architects, a firm with versatile architectural expertise.

We specialize in refurbishment and change of use, residential planning, and educational and care environments for different age groups. Alongside public planning we create innovative concepts for residential planning. We have gained public recognition for our work in both Finnish and international media. Our architects and interior designers work side by side for comprehensive planning solutions. Our designers represent both the experience of senior architects and the fresh approach of younger designers. We are an approachable operator and moderator, and value long-term companionship with our clients, partners, and collaborators.

Inspirational Architecture That We Are Proud Of

Beauty, functionality and durability, the classical values of architecture are still valid and what we aim to maintain in our daily work. We recognise our role and responsibility in today’s building environment, impacted by ecological crisis and changing societal structure. We meet these challenges wholeheartedly , doing our very best to create architecture we can be proud of.

We are committed to environmentally sustainable design through active environmental strategies and consistent training of our staff to produce sustainable design solutions for our clients. We want to be part of creating ecologically, socially, economically and culturally sustainable built environment. We believe this kind of architecture will stand the test of time and create value for its users.

Non-invasive restauration and building maintenance not only cherish the cultural heritage but are sensible use of resources. At the start of the project we look for the spirit of the building, find out the history and value of it. In addition to high-profile restauration projects, we look for potential in all types of buildings in order to restore them to good use; at times even through radical alterations. In newbuilds we look to create the building heritage of the future: high quality, ecological soundness, repairability and flexibility. In recent years we have gained experience especially in timber construction.

We aim for humane, user-centered design. In residential and educational projects users’ needs vary, and design needs to encourage communality and social interaction. An example of this are our concepts for communal living. We work with insightful clients with strong motivation, and problems are solved through collaboration.

We are proud of the versatility of our projects and the quality of our work–we feel our work matters. We are also proud of our work community: the knowledge and experience within it enable us to tackle the most problematic projects. The open atmosphere in the office is valuable as conversation and interaction are at the very heart of a successful design process.

Bigger Than Our Size

Our office strategy is to be a bigger operator than our size would imply. We have been determined in finding partners with the best know-how in the field; whether experience, local knowledge or an ambitious take. The best result comes from openness and collaboration. Working together is a process of never-ending learning: it benefits all parties.

There are four other architectural offices in our office combo: A-Konsultit Architects, R. Schnitzler Architects, Wilhelm Helander, Juha Leiviskä Architects and KUMP Architects. 

We are official collaborators with the following offices:

A-Konsultit Architects, (several large-scale projects such as the refurbishment of the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki; the development of the Central Railway Station, Helsinki; the refurbishment of the Supreme Administrative Court in Finland, Helsinki; HEKA residential newbuild for the City of Helsinki; Proosa, residental newbuild).

Wilhelm Helander, Juha Leiviskä Architects, (several large-scale projects: House of Science and Letters, refurbishment; The National Museum of Finland, refurbishment).

Mer Architects (Pasila School and Nursery, newbuild; Kuusijärvi Sauna and facilities).

KUMP Architects (Proosa, newbuild)

Teemu Hirvilammi, Anne Kaivo-oja (The City of Seinäjoki, framework agreement collaboration: Lintuviita Day-Care, newbuild).

R. Schnitzler Architects (eg. Senaatti, framework agreement, collaboration).

The Environmental Pledge

Wise use of resources, starting with land use and spanning the entire lifecycle of the building–materials, energy and the impact on the environment–is paramount in warding off climate change and the loss of biodiversity. We want to commit ourselves to these goals. EcoCompass, an environmental management system, is a toolkit for finding means to the mitigation of the environmental impact of our work.

We work actively on our environmental strategy and train our personnel in order to supply our clients with sustainable solutions. In the heart of our environmental work is the gathering and distribution of information about ecologically sustainable materials. We also aim to integrate the evaluation of environmental impact into our design process, making use of what we learned from earlier projects.

We want to commit to the designing of ecologically, socially, economically and culturally sustainable built environment. We believe this creates architecture that will stand the test of time and add value to its users.

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