We are building the EcoCompass environmental management system

Since the early days of our office, we have been dedicated to promoting the values that are important to us through our design work. The climate crisis and the loss of nature force all construction operators to re-evaluate the foundations of their work and implement new practices. That is why we have started the building of the EcoCompass environmental management system, which we use to find concrete solutions for managing the environmental impact of our work.

Moving forward, we are committed to actively developing our environmental strategy and enhancing the expertise of our personnel to propose environmentally friendly design solutions to our customers. Over the next three years, our primary focus will be on comprehensive training and knowledge sharing, particularly regarding ecologically sustainable material usage. Moreover, we aim to elevate environmental impact assessments to a more central role in our design processes, drawing valuable insights from lessons learned in previous projects.

Our vision is to actively contribute to the realization of an ecologically, socially, economically, and culturally sustainable built environment. We firmly believe that this type of architecture not only stands the test of time but also creates enduring value for its users.