Tiirasaari Sauna

Renovation of a unique waterfront sauna

Project description:

Tiirasaari, located on the west side of Lauttasaari, is owned by Lähi-Tapiola, and the several old wooden buildings on the island are used for the company’s PR and training purposes. The unique sauna building by the sea, designed by architect Aarno Raveala in 1951, is one of these buildings. The sauna consists of a very traditional square building, to which a lower, pentagonal log-structured steam room is attached. The structure of the building and its bold placement create a very interesting whole. 

Over the years, the building had been renovated by replacing wooden constructions, worn out by time and weather, with simple steel construction. The façades of the building were clad in sheet metal. The interiors were mainly in the form of the previous renovation completed in 1996. 

A comprehensive renovation was implemented on the building: the base floor and the external wall constructions were renewed, the red sheet metal roof was replaced with black felt roofing, the façades were reconstructed with timber cladding, all the windows and doors were replaced, and the interiors were designed to better meet future needs. The aim of the outside renovation was to restore the building as close to its old appearance as possible with the help of Raveala’s drawings. In the interiors we took the liberty of updating the appearance for PR use. The interiors of the sauna building were designed down to the last details. 

Project info:

Location:Tiirasaari, Helsinki
Size:approx. 80 m2
Original construction date:1951
Original architect:Aarno Raveala
Principal designer:Minna Lukander
Project architect:Riikka Pylvänen
Other team members: Lassi Heikkinen, furniture design in collaboration with Pirkko-Liisa Topelius 
Photos:Tuomas Uusheimo