Supreme Administrative Court Renovation

Renovation of the valuable premises of 1950s and 1980s

Project description:

The former Helsingfors Sparbanken building, designed by architect Waldemar Aspelin at Fabianinkatu 15, was completed in 1902. The façade of the Neo-Renaissance style building on the edge of Kasarmitori is made of gray-white striped Ruskeala marble. Architects Jussi Paatela, Veli Paatela and Reino Koivula designed Yleisradio’s headquarters, a modern building on the other side of the block, in 1952. The buildings were renovated in the 1980s when they were converted into Supreme Administrative Court’s office spaces. During 2021–2023 the premises were renovated for the current user. Talli was responsible for the project’s principal and architectural design together with A-Konsultit Architects.  

The renovation of the premises of the Supreme Administrative Court took into account the nature of court work, which requires concentration and tranquility. The premises had to be presentable and distinguished. The renovation was executed respecting the original architecture and the changes over the years. The renovation planning of the site paid special attention to the preservation of the prominent 1980s’ interiors of the Fabianinkatu building. Several technical improvements were executed to the buildings. The windows and exterior doors of the old part were renewed and the corresponding ones of the new part were renovated. The façade of the new section was also refurbished, preserving and restoring its original details and structure. The premises were designed to be accessible.

In furniture design, the main focus was on renovating and reusing old furniture. The furnishings of the building on Fabianinkatu consisted primarily of fixed and loose furniture designed by interior architect Antti Paatero in the 1980s. In the building on Unioninkatu, loose furniture was mostly industrially manufactured. The valuable furniture specified at the beginning of the project, including Paatero’s designs, Artek’s loose furniture, and antique furniture, were renovated either on-site through conservation work or at the workshop of the selected company. In total, there were almost 800 pieces of furniture to be renovated. Additionally, new loose furniture was acquired, especially to harmonize the furnishing of workspaces, and new fixed furniture was also commissioned.

Project info:

Building permit granted:8/2021
Size:Fabianinkatu 15 3 673 m2
Unioninkatu 16 5 570 m2 
Protection status: Fabianinkatu 15 protected by the planning notation sr-1
Unioninkatu 16 protected by the planning notation sr-2
Original construction date:Fabianinkatu 15 1902
Unioninkatu 26 1952
Original architects:Fabianinkatu 15 Waldemar Aspelin
Unioninkatu 26 Jussi Paatela, Veli Paatela, Reino Koivula
Principal designer:Jyrki Iso-Aho
Responsible building designer:Minna Lukander
Project architects:Mari Mannevaara, Nina Sevón
Loose furniture planning and furniture renovation planning:Jukka Keskitalo
Furniture inventory:Mirella Abe, Emilia Nysten 
Other team members:Petra Minkkinen, Meri-Aurea Pfeifer
Photos:Arno de la Chapelle, the photos are documentation of the premises before the renovation.

In collaboration with A-Konsultit Architects.