Suomenlinna Fortress Residential Quarters’ building C82

Military kitchen

Project description:

The four barracks, C76, C82, C83 and C84 in Suomenlinna were built in the 1840s–1850s. The barracks are situated in the southern part of Iso Mustasaari, and belong to the same garrison quarter, which dates back to the 1830s and was constructed by the Russian Navy. Throughout their history, the buildings have been used for accommodation or residential purposes. In the 1970s and 1980s the buildings were renovated and converted into apartments for civilians. For Suomenlinna, the 1970s meant a period when the military islands, which had been closed for centuries, were transferred from the Finnish Defense Forces to the civilian administration. 

Talli made the project and implementation plans for the residential quarter’s renovation project. The preservation of the values and special features of these buildings guide the renovation process. The strong and historically valuable architectural layer of the 70s is to be preserved and the principles of preservative renovation will be followed: only what is necessary will be renovated. The renovation, reutilization and thus a long lifecycle of the buildings supports essential values of both the Governing Body of Suomenlinna and Talli; sustainability and a smaller carbon footprint. 

The building C82, also known as the “Military Kitchen”(Sotilaskeittiö), was completed in the beginning of the 1840s to be a kitchen for the military, as the name suggests. Ever since, it has gone through countless of different functions and modifications. The building has served as a cafeteria, a tea room, a residential building, a prison, as well as an apartment and an infirmary. After the renovation of the 1970s the building has been in residential use. It has only one floor and two apartments. 

The project started with the renovation measures required for the maintenance, the renewal of the building technology, the reconstruction of wet areas, and partial renewal of the base floor construction. The  mechanical extract ventilation was replaced with natural ventilation. Two chimneys for the natural ventilation were masoned to the building and  fresh air inlets added to the façades. The cold room in the basement was converted into storage space for the residents.  The rotted roof constructions and joists were renovated and therefore the roof needed to be renewed. The flexibility of the apartments was improved by one new space. Otherwise, the layout and architecture of the apartments remained as they were. The fixed furniture from the 1970s were renovated. 

Project info:

Building permission granted:8/2021
Client:The Governing Body of Suomenlinna
Location:Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Size:280 m2
Protection status:Suomenlinna is a part of UNESCO World Heritage List and is a nationally significant built cultural environment (RKY 2009). The Uusimaa ELY Center has ordered Suomenlinna to be protected. The building C82 belongs to the protection category S1.
Original construction date:1840s
Principal designer:Minna Lukander
Project architect:Karoliina Hoppu
Other team members:Emilia Nysten