State Grain Warehouse

Building history survey

Project description:

Architects Aili and Niilo Pulkka designed the state grain warehouse in the Helsinki port and the  building was completed in 1955. The historical building survey was commissioned by the City of Helsinki Planning Department as part of the studies of the Hernesaari sub-master plan. The building has no protection status.

State Grain Warehouse Building History Survey

Project info:

Building History Survey
Client:City of Helsinki Planning Department
Authors: Mari Mannevaara, Mikaela Neuvo,
Pia Ilonen
Cover photo:Ship unloading site of the Helsinki Harbour Warehouse of the State Cereal Warehouse in the late 1950s. MOBA
Location:Laivakatu, Helsinki
Size:7 030 m2
Architects:Aili Pulkka, Niilo Pulkka