Rovaniemi City Hall

Work environment development

Project description:

The Rovaniemi City Hall is the final part of the Rovaniemi Administrative and Cultural Centre. It was executed by Alvar Aalto & Co in 1988, overseen by Elissa Aalto. In the City Hall are located the city administration’s PR, meeting and office spaces, as well as a staff restaurant open to the public. The City Hall is an exceptionally well executed office building, typical of the 1970s and 1980s and is architecturally very significant. The interiors are spacious and full of light, with plenty of wooden elements. The building has kept its original shape and mainly maintenance renovations have been implemented to it. 

Preliminary plans and a building survey were finished in the spring of 2019, and a project plan for the refurbishment and repair was finished in December 2019. The basis for the renovation is that the City Hall remains an office building. The renovation improves the working environment and enhances the use of space while considering the protection goals.The building is improved into a safe and healthy environment for its users. 

According to the project plan, the most important interiors will be conserved, and their original decorations preserved. Some changes to the layout, like combining working spaces and creating open-plan offices, are made in the office wings to enhance the use of space. These changes require taking down some interior walls and unneeded archive spaces. The renewal of the building technology includes renewing the exterior walls of the basement, repairing the water damage on the base floor, renewing the sheet metal cladding and at the same time improving the inclination, compacting the external envelope of the building and renewing the windows, as well as the heating and ventilation system. 

The repair of the exterior walls of the basement has been carried out as a separate work before the actual renovation implementation planning began. The repair work was completed in 2022 and Talli was the principal and architectural designer of the repair. 

Project info:

Client:City of Rovaniemi
Size:13 000 m2
Protection status:Plot PY/s and the building sr/156
Original construction date:1960s
Original architects:Elissa and Alvar Aalto
Principal designer:Minna Lukander
Project architect:Mari Mannevaara
Other team members:Karoliina Hoppu
Photos:Alvar Aalto Foundation