Malmi School Campus

An old school as part of a new school and kindergarten building

Project description:

In the spring of 2023, the City of Helsinki organised a limited invited architectural competition for the design of the Malmi school campus for its framework contract partners in exceptionally demanding renovation projects. The competition proposal “Nelilehtinen” by Talli and A-Konsultit Architects was selected as the winner, and the project’s preliminary design phase was initiated in the early autumn of 2023. The competition included the renovation and extension of a protected school building along Kirkonkyläntie, originally designed by Toivo Salervo and completed in 1927. The starting point for the design is to create a school campus serving the entire district, which brings together facilities for learners of different ages, from early childhood education to upper secondary school, and offers spaces for community use outside of school hours. 

In the plan, the campus’ learning spaces are divided into four nearly evenly spaced branches and the central part connecting them, which serves both as a transitional space and as the communal heart of the whole. The shape and size of the new building imitates the appearance of the existing building. A key aspect of the plan is the favourable placement of the whole in the surrounding street, yard and park space. The existing building retains its architectural position in the cityscape, while the new building forms a harmonious pair in terms of proportions and facade finishing. The building’s seamless connection to its surroundings is also strengthened by the outdoor spaces and their entrances between the branches of the building and the views from the learning spaces as well as the opening of the communal spaces on the first floor to the street space. 

The architectural basic idea of the interior is orientation through the communal central area to different learning spaces. The learning spaces are arranged into their own branches as easily understood and versatile entities. The starting point for the renovation of the interior of the existing building is to respect its original appearance and clarify the division of spaces. 

Project info:

Client:City of Helsinki
Location:Kirkonkyläntie 17, Helsinki
Size:Renovation circa 1 913 brm2
Extension circa 8 600 brm2
Protection status:Protected by the planning notation “so”
Original construction date1927
Original architect:Toivo Salervo
Principal designer:Minna Lukander
Responsible building designer:Jyrki Iso-Aho
Project architects:Responsible project architect Riitta Tuomisto
Assisting project architects Tiina Juuti, Annina Ruuhilahti 
Other team members:Assisting architects for inventory models Otto Honkamaa, Okko Koponen 
Sub-consultants:Landscape design Sarianna Salminen
L A S S Landscape Architecture

In collaboration with A-Konsultit Architects.