Lyhty House

Award-winning humane house

Project description:

“Lyhty”, a residential building for people with developmental disabilities, is placed on three levels on a slope plot. The entrance floor houses extensive shared facilities, including a kitchen, dining room and various teaching spaces. The living quarters are located on the second and third floor. 7–9 people live in each unit. The shared living spaces are connected to nature through large glass surfaces and balconies. Communal sauna facilities open on a terrace looking over the entrance yard. In addition to housing services, Lyhty also offers a variety of jobs for young adults with developmental disabilities. Lyhty houses a music workshop, an outdoor workshop, “Lato”, and a learning unit “Lamppu”.  

Many of the inhabitants move with various aids, so the interior finishes have been chosen with them in mind; light concrete walls and solid wood floors are resistant to bumps and dents and do not require constant care. The combination of light concrete, dark wood floors and lighter wooden window frames create clear and calm spaces. Natural light enters through the large windows of the communal spaces which open up to a beautiful scenery for the inhabitants to enjoy.  

The interior of the building combines new and old, and the furniture varies from the classics of Artek to Eames. The fireplaces, green plants, and works of art in the common spaces bring warmth and ambience to the interior.  

The façade repeats similar materials and colors as the interior. The façade is bricked with through-colored dark concrete blocks and is structured by light wooden surfaces, window sashes and eaves, as well as large glass surfaces and steel-railed balconies. 

Project info:

Building permit granted:2001, 2006 RAM
Client:Lyhty ry
Location:Konala, Helsinki
Size:2 400 m2
Principal designer:Minna Lukander
Project architects:Teemu Toivio, Edda Davidsdottir
Interior designer:Pasi Hämäläinen
Other team members:Riitta Tuomisto, Mari Mannevaara, Kaisa Leinonen
Photos:Jussi Tiainen

More information:

Arkkitehti – Finnish Architectural Review. 2/2005. Inhimillisiä taloja / Humane designs: Lyhty. Tarja Nurmi. 


The Rose for Building 2004

A candidate for Concrete Structure Award of the Year