Lintuviita School and Day-Care

Shaping the identity of a garden district

Project description:

The current “Lintuviita” school and day-care building is located in the Kasperi suburb of Seinäjoki, a garden district consisting mainly of terraced and single-family houses. The design of the area is inspired by Tapiola in Espoo. The low-rise school and kindergarten building is located on Tapiolantie along the parkway that runs through the area. Talli, together with architects Anne Kaivo-oja and Teemu Hirvilammi, design an extension and the renovation of the current building.  

The Lintuviita school is a mainly single-story extensive complex of buildings. Its appearance successfully pursues a village-like look through varying roof shapes and its meandering scale. The building’s importance in constructing the identity of the Kasperi suburb is significant. The two-story section of the school’s gym is dominant when viewed from the direction of the parkway. The composition of the building complex is complemented by the smaller, single-story buildings of the child health clinic and church hall on both sides of the school. The building is also small-scale, adapted to the size of the children. The playful saddleback roofs and transformative window layouts bring character to the building. The building’s meandering shape forms sheltered courtyard spaces for the use of both the school and day-care. 

The extension will be located on a site that is significant for the cityscape, continuing the old building on the side of Tapiolantie. The architecture echoes the idea of the old building of the interconnecting saddleback roofs. However, the new building clearly has its own, even landmark, character both in terms of coloring and façade material. The new building will host 168 children, which together with the current building forms a day-care unit with places for 210 children. The new building aims for low carbon emissions, so a timber structure is the natural solution. The connection between the old building and the extension takes place through the basement and the ground floor. Group spaces are set on two floors. Between the group spaces, an entrance section narrower than the other parts of the building is placed in the center of the building, which serves both as a joint as the building parts scale along the boundaries of the plot and as an identifiable and inviting entrance for day-care users.  

Following the renewal of the day-care spaces, the workgroup will focus on the spatial planning of the old school building. 

Project info:

Building permit granted:1/2023
Client:City of Seinäjoki
Location:Kasperi district, Seinäjoki
Size:Extension 2 003 m2
Principal designer:Teemu Hirvilammi
Project architect:Anne Kaivo-oja
Other team members:Minna Lukander, Tiina Juuti, Emilia Nysten
Landscape architect:Sarianna Salminen

In collaboration with Hirvilammi Architects and Kaivo-oja Architects.