Lauttasaari Manor

Renovation report

Project description:

The preserved parts of Lauttasaari Manor form a valuable architectural and historical entity in the heart of Lauttasaari. In 2018, the stone-built main building, the wooden “Red Villa” and part of the manor park were renovated for new office spaces for the Kone Foundation. In 2019 we completed a report on the renovation.

Renovation Report of the Lauttasaari Manor

Project info:

Renovation Report
Client:Kone Foundation
Authors: Mari Mannevaara, Riikka Pylvänen,
Minna Lukander, Pia Kuusiniemi
Cover photo:Tuomas Uusheimo
Year:Main building 1837
Red Villa 1791–93
Location:Lauttasaari, Helsinki
Size:Main building 1 069,5m2 
Red Villa 284,5m2 
Workshop building 50m2
Architect:The renovation of the main building in the 1920s was designed by Jarl Eklund and the garden by
Bengt Schalin