Lauri Korpisen katu 8

Bright and efficient apartments in Tikkurila

Project description:

Lauri Korpisen katu 8 is a pilot project of the Kompakti concept developed by Kojamo, Fira and Talli. The concept was created for Kojamo’s rental housing (Lumo-kodit).  The goal was to make apartments where the use of space is efficient, yet modifiable, and the rent is reasonable.  

As a means for more efficient use of space in small apartments, an accessible wet area hybrid was developed, which is a transformable combination of an entrance hall, utility space and bathroom space. At the entrance of the apartment there is an area formed by a hall and a bathroom, separated from each other by sliding doors, which, if necessary, allow the expansion of the wet area into the entrance hall and accessible use of the bathroom. In each apartment, there is also a storage space, which replace the traditional apartment building storages. This allows the flexible use of the storage spaces according to each resident’s needs. 

The apartments were made to feel larger than their actual size, each having its own outdoor space and big windows. The building has invested in common spaces by providing residents with large shared spaces. For example, a large laundry room allows many residents to simultaneously wash their laundry. Connected to the laundry room, there is an extensive shared living area with kitchens. The stair halls have shared workspaces. 

The excellent location of the residential building near public transport connections was a justification for no residential car parking. 

Project info:

Building permit granted:6/2018
Client:Kojamo Oyj, Lumo Kodit Oy, Fira Oy
Location:Jokiniemi, Vantaa
Size:8 422 m2
Principal designer:Jukka Sulonen
Project architect:Jukka Sulonen
Assistant designer:Karoliina Hoppu
Interior designer:Lassi Heikkinen
Photos:Talli, Aerial view by Pyry Kantonen
© Pyry Kantonen