Kuusijärvi Service Buildings

Auxiliary wooden buildings to complement the existing services in the area

Project description:

Talli, together with Mer Architects, is designing new buildings on the shore of Kuusijärvi in Vantaa to complement the services of the lakeside and the surrounding outdoor recreational area. At the core of the project is the design of two new smoke saunas and a dressing and shower building to accompany the existing smoke sauna. In addition to the saunas, an information kiosk and a public restroom building are planned for the Kuusijärvi outdoor area, along with a building for entrepreneurs, including space for rental equipment, and a maintenance building. 

The new saunas and dressing and shower building will be situated on a slope right by the lake. Sustainability, beauty, and quality are central to the design. The new buildings respect both the surrounding nature and the architecture of the existing buildings of the area. The dark façades of the buildings seamlessly blend into the landscape. Representing modern wooden architecture, the buildings use traditional materials such as logs and green roofs. There is a cohesive material palette in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Accessibility has been a focus point in the design of the buildings. From the intimate and cozy indoor spaces, sauna-goers will have a beautiful view of the lake. The design also aims to preserve as much of the existing vegetation and terrain features on the plot as possible, creating a sustainable and enjoyable environment for users. 

Project info:

Client:City of Vantaa
Location:Kuninkaanmäki, Vantaa
Size:Altogether circa 630m2
Principal designer:Minna Lukander
Responsible building designer:Jenni Hölttä
Project architect:Kaisa Riippi
Other team members:Julia Hertell, Felipe Diaz
Visualizations:Felipe Diaz

In collaboration with Mer Architects.