KOY Hilda Flodinin aukio 2

Small apartment building in Ruskeasuo

Project description:

In addition to the apartments, the small apartment building designed on Tilkankatu has workspaces in accordance with the purpose of use of the plot. The building acts as an ending to Tilkankatu and as a border of Hilda Flodin’s square, thus becoming an integral part of the area’s cityscape. Following the site plan, the buildings along Tilkankatu are tightly connected to the streetline forming the streetscape. The new building is firmly connected to the neighboring building on its southern side, and on the western side the building borders on Hilda Flodin’s square. 

Two large apartments for two families were designed in the building. Also, connecting to the larger apartments there is two smaller apartments that can also serve as workspaces.  On the base floor is an office that can be converted to a commercial premise, and an ateljée. On the upper floor there is a sauna and storage spaces. The small yard has been separated from the neighboring square with a low wall. The main opening direction of the building is to the west in the direction of Hilda Flodin’s square from which opens a view to Pikku Huopalahti. The balconies and roof terrace are located on the side of the yard in good direction. The windows on the north façade open up to a long street view of Tilkankatu. 

Project info:

Building permit granted:3/2014
Location:Ruskeasuo, Helsinki
Size:749 m2
Principal designer:Minna Lukander
Project architects: Karoliina Hoppu, Mikaela Neuvo (preliminary plans)
Photos: Pyry Kantonen