Keinulaudantie 2 c

Complementary construction in proximity of the Kontula metro station

Project description:

The Keinulaudantie 2 apartment building project is located in proximity of Kontula’s underground station and is a good example of the eastern part of the city’s complementary development. The project is based on the “Kompakti” concept developed by Kojamo, Fira and Talli for Kojamo’s rental apartment development (Lumo-kodit). The aim of the project is to create small apartments close to public transport connections and services. 

The six-storey building consists os 79 apartments and is the first building of a block complex. The reference drawing of the building block is drawn by architect company Kanttia2 and the first building follows its principals. The apartments are either one-room or two-room flats. The Kompakti-concept apartments aim for efficient use of space while making the small apartments feel larger than their actual size. Large windows and a balcony/outdoor space connected to each apartment, give even the small apartments a spacious and comfortable feel. Each one also has a storage inside, which replaces the traditional apartment building storages. This allows the flexible use of the storage spaces according to each resident’s needs. The building’s communal areas such as the clubroom and laundry room also creates flexibility to the efficient use of space.  

Project info:

Building permit granted:2/2018
Client:Fira Oy / Lumo Kodit Oy
Location:Kontula, Helsinki
Size:3 849 m2
Principal designer:Jukka Sulonen
Project architect:Jukka Sulonen, Satu Mahringer
Photos:Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy

More information: 17.4.2018. Lumo-koteja Kontulaan erinomaisten liikenneyhteyksin varrelle yhteistyössä Firan kanssa.