Kasinonranta Café 

1960s waterfront building’s renovation

Project description:

The former kiosk and changing room building of Lauttasaari beach was extended and renovated into a classical pavilion-like café, while preserving its original 1960s feel. The Kasinonranta Café, which is only open in summertime, is an integral part of the beach area and its development maintains the spirit of the beach. 

The building was originally a changing room for the beachgoers and a space for the swimming supervisors; there was a small kiosk attached to it. Later the building was altered to fit better into café use, and in 2019 Talli designed the renovation, extension and improvement of the operating conditions of the café. The old space for the swimming supervisors was removed and incorporated into the pavilion. The pergola area was covered and converted into a café sales space. The second locker room was demolished and converted into a kitchen, to which a new storage room was added. Both the café and the toilet building were designed accessible. 

The architectural goal for the renovation and alteration was to continue the original architecture of the Café Kasinonranta and to preserve its character. The café’s customer space is classically Nordic: an open wooden pavilion with a wide view of the sea and the horizon. The terrace was built of naturally saturated grey plank. The alder trees surrounding the area were protected and the terrace was subtly built around them. The old trees create a great atmosphere and because of them, the terrace does not need separate sunshades. Sustainable and natural materials, such as wood, were used for the interiors and furniture of the café. The furniture is very simple and modern, both in the café and the terrace.

Project info:

Building permit granted:2/2019
Client:Pia and Tommi Leppälä 
Location:Lauttasaari, Helsinki
Size:52 m2
Original construction date:1960s
Principal designer:Minna Lukander
Project architect:Satu Mahringer
Other team members: Havu Järvelä, Jussi Laine

More information:

Lauttasaari. 24.4.2019. Kahvila Kasinonrannasta linjakas lasipaviljonki.