Karviaistie 12 Housing Renewal

Elevation and external wall construction renewal of the 1970s residential block

Project description:

In the pioneering architectural competition organized by the City of Helsinki an alternative to demolishing was sought for through means of wood construction. The alternative solution for the eight prefabricated 1970s’ concrete buildings needed to be replicable and cost-efficient. The suburban residential block’s buildings needed to be elevated with two additional floors and the external wall construction renewed. 

The winning proposal “Metsä puilta” by Talli and A-Konsultit Architects takes a stand for renovation. The purpose was to protect the best qualities of these 1970s’ suburban buildings: the functional plan layouts, equal apartment distribution and the connection to nature; and subtly make changes to the building frame. The additional floors’ apartment plans are almost identical to the original floor plans. The demolition work was optimized, and the new technical installation routes were clear. The same principals were followed in the façades: the old openings were not enlarged nor were any changes made to them. At first sight, the proposal was described as cautious – but after a closer look, as carefully thought out – we, the designers, even see it as a manifest. In addition to renovation, the proposal first and foremost aimed for sustainability – in terms of climate and of the longevity of the structures. 

During the development phase, following the competition phase, the designs were specified and the economic efficiency of the concept were developed.

Project info:

Client:Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy
Location:Malmi, Helsinki
Size:20 531 m2
Original construction date:1970s
Principal designer:Minna Lukander
Competition phase team members: Lassi Mustonen, Tiina Päivilä-Kari, Tiina Juuti, Jyrki Iso-Aho, Riikka Pylvänen 
Development phase team members: Karoliina Hoppu, Lassi Mustonen
Visualization:Tiina Päivilä-Kari, Pasi Mänttäri
Photo:Pyry Kantonen

More information:

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Museum of Finnish Architecture. Toivoa puusta -discussion series’ blog. Korjaaminen empaattisena tekona. Minna Lukander, architect SAFA / Arkkitehtuuri- ja muotoilutoimisto Talli Oy.