House for musicians

Project description:

The Live Music Association “Elmu” wanted to offer affordable rental housing to people in the music field – to singers and musicians as well as sound technicians and roadies.  In 2017, “Jallukka”, a rental house for musicians, was completed.  

The atmosphere in the area is coastal but urban. Jallukka is located in Jätkäsaari, outside large transport routes, in a tight urban structure. Suitable for the spirit of the musicians’ house, there is a bar in the side-street wing of the L-shaped building. 

The eight-storey building has two wings: the musicians’ wing with the access balconies and in the other wing the corridor-access apartments that are available also to non-musicians. The two-storied apartments on the street level can be accessed from both the street and the courtyard. The sizes of the apartments vary between 30 m2 and 75 m2, and each apartment has its own balcony. 

The building has diverse communal spaces and terraces, such as laundry rooms, saunas and club rooms. Practice facilities are available in the basement. The building and the neighbouring houses share a common yard deck, on top of which a courtyard is located. Below the yard deck there is a parking garage. Both the façades and the interiors have a strong feel of materials. For example, the concrete surface is left bare on the partition walls of the apartments. The use of plain materials was also in accordance with the aim for affordable construction. The façade on the alley side is handmade brick, while the setbacks are covered with profiled aluminium. The façade material of the musicians’ wing is warm brown Corten steel. 

Project info:

Client:Y-Säätiö, Elmu Live Music Association
Location:Malagankatu 3, Helsinki 
Size:6 302 m2  
Principal designer:Pia Ilonen
Project architect:Mikaela Neuvo 
Other team members:Minna Lukander, Oona Airas, Carolin Franke, Karoliina Hoppu, Carlos Lopez 
PhotosTuomas Uusheimo