House of Science and Letters

Building history survey

Project description:

The building located in Kirkkokatu 6 has a rich history and is nowadays known as the House of Science and Letters (Tieteiden talo). In the 1920s, Lisa Hagman bought the site and a school founded by Hagman started to operate there. On the site of the current streetside wing there was then an old Empire-style wooden building where the school operated. In 1922, a red brick hall wing was built on the property between the wooden building and yard buildings. The new five-storey bulding was designed by Elsa Arokallio and completed in 1925 in place of the old wooden building. 

The latest significant phase of transformation of the House of Science and Letters began in 2019 when the current owner of the house, Senaatti-kiinteistöt, commissioned a project plan for the renovation and conversion of the building. The work for this building history survey began on the eve of the latest renovation of the building, in 2020. However, the work on the survey was delayed from the planned schedule, and it has only been completed after the renovation, which we designed together with Vilhelm Helander, Juha Leiviskä, architects SAFA, completed in 2022.

House of Science and Letters Building History Survey

Project info:

Building History Survey
Authors: Ella Müller, Mari Mannevaara, Minna Lukander, Vilhelm Helander, Jaakko Penttilä
Cover photo:Arno de la Chapelle, 2022
Location:Kirkkokatu, Helsinki
Size:2 045 m2
Architect:Elsa Arokallio, the renovation in 1996 Vilhelm Helander