Haukilahti School and Upper Secondary School

Building history survey

Project description:

The City of Espoo Premises Services commissioned Talli to prepare a building history survey for Haukilahti School and Upper Secondary School (formerly South Espoo Co-Educational School). The building was completed in 1957 following the plans of architect Erich von Ungern-Sternberg.

The building history survey has been prepared in cooperation with the client and the Espoo City Museum. Simultaneously with this survey, building history surveys were prepared on two other schools built in Espoo in the 1950s: the Tuomarila and Laajalahti Schools and their teacher dormitories. In addition a building history survey was also prepared for Veljeskulma, a building near Laajalahti School.

Haukilahti School and Upper Secondary School Building History Survey

Project info:

Building History Survey
Client:City of Espoo Premises Services
Authors: Minna Lukander, Mira Kyllönen, Pijatta Heinonen
Cover photo:Haukilahti school from the yard side 2016. Talli.
Location:Koulutanhua, Espoo
Size:5 956 m2
Architect:Erich von Ungern-Sternberg