Ford House

Building history survey

Project description:

The former assembly plant of Ford Ltd, the so-called Ford House, is one of the oldest buildings in Hernesaari, a district of the city built on land infill. The building is designed by Architect Gunnar Nordström and was built in 1943–46. The Finnish affiliate of the Ford Motor Company was crucial for the birth and development of Hernesaari area. The historical building survey was commissioned by the City of Helsinki Planning Department as part of Hernesaari district plan in 2011. It is listed within district plan (’sr’).

Ford House Building History Survey

Project info:

Building History Survey
Client:City of Helsinki Planning Department
Authors: Mari Mannevaara, Mikaela Neuvo, Pia Ilonen
Cover photo:The former assembly plant of Ford Ltd. FORD.
Location:Henry Fordin katu, Helsinki
Size:14 134 m2
Architect:Gunnar Nordström