Finlandia Hall

Renovations over a period of twenty years

Project description:

The building designed by Alvar Aalto was completed in two stages: the main building in 1971 and the Congress Wing in 1975. Almost all renovations during the years 1999–2017 were designed by Talli.

The most comprehensive restoration planning has been the renovation of the congress wing in 2003, which included the renovation of the interiors as well as the renewal of the curved steel glass walls of the congress halls. During 2000–2001 we designed the preliminary drawings and project plan for the entrance of the vehicular ramp facing Töölönlahti Bay to be converted into exhibition and conference spaces. The Finlandia Hall’s protection plan was modified based on the premilinary drawings, which made possible to build the conference center, also known as Veranda. Many space-conversion including the former orchestra training space into conference use as Elissa-hall, the restaurants entrance hall and cloakroom into customer lounge and the former janitor’s apartment into boardroom, were carried out following our plans. In 2005, we completed Finlandia Hall’s building history survey and databased interior inventory. In 2016, the building history survey was complemented. At the same time, we completed the spatial categorizing for the renovation.

Finlandia Hall’s renovations have improved the building’s technical and spatial functionality, as well as its partly shabby look. The premise of the design has been that the changes merge into the original architecture, and the original materials and building parts have been preserved giving value to their patina.

Project info:

Client:City of Helsinki
Size:22 500 m2
Protection:Protected by the Building Protection Act in 1993
Original construction date:Main building 1971
Congress Wing 1975
Original architect:Alvar Aalto
Principal designer:Minna Lukander
Project architects: Mari Mannevaara, Mikaela Neuvo, Jukka Sulonen, Riitta Tuomisto
Interior designers:Martti Lukander, Pasi Hämäläinen
Building history surveys:2005 Minna Lukander, Mari Mannevaara
2016 Minna Lukander, Mira Kyllönen