Care and communal living surrounded by nature

Project description:

Aurinkolinna is a group housing community, built on an initiative from the parents of adolescents with intellectual disabilities, where independent living is supported according to individual needs. The building has a wooden structure and its 20 apartments have been implemented as CLT modules. 

Despite the size of the plot, the actual area suitable for construction was reduced to a narrow strip between the forest containing nesting trees of flying squirrels and the public parking serving the entire residential area. Due to this, as well as the strict cost target and the modularity of wood construction, we designed the building shape quite simple. 

The two-storied building offers around-the-clock care for about 20 residents with disabilities. Each resident lives in a 30 m2 rental apartment, with an accessible bathroom, a mini kitchen and a French balcony. In addition to the apartments, in the middle section of the building there are common multi-purpose living spaces, sauna and kitchen areas and extensive outdoor terraces. 

The façades of the building are made of accoya wood. The material does not need any surface treatment and was left to turn grey naturally; the appearance of the building changes a lot in terms of coloring during the first years. The wooden façades of Aurinkolinna beautifully become one with the surrounding nature. The residents have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors through the large windows and their own French balconies. 

Project info:

Building permit granted2/2018
Client:Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability (KVPS) 
Location:Lintuvaara, Espoo
Size:1 360 m2
Principal designer:Minna Lukander
Project architect:Riikka Pylvänen
Interior designer: Riikka Pylvänen
Other team members: Carolin Franke, Lassi Heikkinen
Landscape designer:Ympäristösuunnittelu Liisa Alanko Oy
Photos:Pyry Kantonen