Capella Housing Block

Apartments in Kalasatama

Project description:

As Oy Capella is located in the rapidly growing Kalasatama, Helsinki. Capella is part of a block which also includes two other apartment buildings, “Galleriatalo” and “Huvilat” (ArkOpen Oy). On the six floors of the building there are 45 price-regulated owner-occupied apartments. The layout of the large family apartments is based on a model of a flexible family apartment developed by Talli, which was presented in a study “Helsinkiläinen kerrostaloatlas” prepared for the City of Helsinki in 2006. The model was inspired by apartments in Töölö from the 1920s, where the layout of the rooms that are located around the central hall and are linked to each other enables the flexible use of the apartment. Private spaces are located in the corners of the apartment, and communal spaces are located in their intermediate spaces. The degree of privacy and communality can be modified by closing doors, and layout is suitable for both different family forms and groups. 

The street-side façades are fair-faced black brick and the courtyard façades are mainly light plaster. The largest apartments are located in the central parts of the building, while smaller dwellings are located in the north and south wing. On the basement floor are located storage spaces for movable fittings, emergency shelter, outdoor equipment storage, laundry room and technical facilities as well as an entrance to the garage under the yard deck. The shared sauna and club room facilities are located on the attic floor. 

Project info:

Building permit granted:12/2011
Client:Sato Oy
Location:Capellan puistotie 6, Helsinki
Size:5 337,5 m2
Principal designer:Pia Ilonen
Project architect:Mari Mannevaara
Other team members:Minna Lukander, Karoliina Hoppu, Oona Airas
Photos:Martin Sommerschield, Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy