A. Ahlström Ltd. Sauna and Laundry Building

Building history survey

Project description:

The sauna and laundry building built by A. Ahlström Ltd. in Kauttua, now part of the municipality of Eura, was completed in 1946 and was designed by Alvar Aalto’s architectural firm. This building history survey was commissioned by Petri Helander and Eija Nieminen. The siblings bought the sauna building in the summer of 2005 after reading its sales announcement in the local newspaper. In 2007, Talli designed the renovation of the building according to the wishes of the owners into a sauna and exhibition space.

A. Ahlström Oy sauna and laundry building’s building history survey

Project info:

Building History Survey
Client:Petri Helander, Eija Nieminen
Author: Minna Lukander
Size:700 brm2 
Architect:Alvar Aalto