Hope from Wood – discussion event

Kuva/Photo: Anni Koponen

Architect Minna Lukander initialised a Hope from Wood – discussion event last week on the 9th of December at the Museum of Finnish Architecture. Minna presented the outcome of the architectural competition for the Karviaistie 12 residential block renewal project, which sought an replicable and cost-effective solution for renovation using wood, and a subsequent development project, which aims to further refine the plans and develop the economic efficiency of the concept. Based on the initialization, we discussed more broadly the alternatives for demolishing, values in favour of preserving 1970s housing architecture and, for example, the roles of architects as intermediaries of values and as caregivers. Early next year, the Museum of Finnish Architecture will publish a blog post on their web page in which we will discuss the themes of the event more widely.

Thank you for Museum of Finnish Architecture, You Tell Me – collective and Ministry of the Environment of Finland for organizing the event, and thank you for the interesting and innovative conversation to everyone who participated!