A restaurant has opened in the ticket hall of Helsinki Central Railway Station

© Esa Naukkarinen

The two years of work during which we, together with A-Konsultit Architects, have been responsible for the principal and architectural design of the Central Railway Station’s development project, are finally starting to show and the results can be enjoyed by all.

The architect’s job has been not only to take care of the protected building, but also to create the best conditions for new functions. The station’s old Class 3 waiting hall, better known as the ticket hall, is one of the most beautiful and valuable spaces at the station. Central to the design of the restaurant was that the architectural image of the hall with its details remained as intact as possible. The terrace overlooking Kaivokatu with its soon to be planted apple trees connect the restaurant to the station’s urban environment. At the same time as the restaurant, a new café was opened next to the west hall as well as new indoor terraces in front of the business premises.

Here you can read an article that Helsingin Sanomat published on the topic (in Finnish).