1st prize at the invited competition on the transformation of the Karviaistie 12 block of flats

The proposal “Metsä Puilta” by Talli and A-Konsultit has won the invited competition organized by the City of Helsinki of the transformation of the Karviaistie 12 block of flats

The object of the competition was a complex of eight 3–4-storey precast concrete blocks of flats in Malmi built in 1977 and owned by Helsinki City Apartments Oy. The task was to find ways to renew the façades and elevate the buildings with two additional floors, making use of wood construction. 

The winning proposal combines the best features of the existing block with environmentally conscious wood construction, following the principle “simple is sustainable and thus beautiful”. The solution embodies good everyday construction with high-quality implementation and elegant detailing. 

Karviaistie area has potential for change towards better housing, more sustainable construction, and less material consumption. Our proposal is built on the idea that the negative impact on the planet is minimized by extending the life expectancy of buildings. This can be achieved by using proven construction methods and durable materials. The aim of the proposal is to create a comfortable and long-lasting living environment while supporting and raising awareness of biodiversity.

Structural engineering by Sitowise Oy.