The proposal ‘Nelilehtinen’ by Talli and A-Konsultit won the limited invited architectural competition of Malmi campus

Together with A-Konsultitn Architects, we have started a new project designing the Malmi school campus. The assignment is the first as framework agreement consultants for the Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki in the category of exceptionally demanding renovation projects, a position for which we were selected last spring. A limited invited architectural competition for the design of the Malmi campus was held between the framework agreement consultants. The competition included the renovation and extension of a protected school building along Kirkonkyläntie into a common campus for basic education and early childhood education. Now we will continue to develop our winning proposal ”Nelilehtinen” in cooperation with KASKO. The goal is for pupils and day-care children to be able to enter the premises in January 2028.

Thank you A-Konsultit and landscape architect Sarianna Salminen for your cooperation so far. We are happy to be a part of this project and look forward to the future!